100th Anniversary!

Today, 21 April 2022, marks the 100th birthday of Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani( q). May Allah grant him the Highest Maqam!

On April 21 1922, Shaykh Sharafu d-Dīn (q) informed Shaykh ‘Abdu Llāh (q) that a baby was born in faraway Cyprus who would be a pure inheritor of the Prophet ﷺ and bring many to the guidance of Islām. Today is the hundredth anniversary of Mawlana Shaykh Nāẓim al-Ḥaqqānī’s (q) birth, a day to be thankful.

Islam: the Freedom to Serve


«We ask to be no-one and nothing,
For, as long as we are someone,
we are not complete.

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

The world is rolling slowly and irresistibly into a dark tunnel.

Nobody knows what will happen in this tunnel. We only know of its existence because Allah Almighty has informed us of it. We know from prophetic utterances that this tunnel will have an end and that of all those who enter it, only a few will reappear.These are not my own words. It is mentioned in all of the Holy Books which say, when human beings stop listening to reason, when they throw wisdom out of the window and follow only the advice of their egos, they will slide into a narrow,terrible tunnel. This tunnel will wash away all evil and all dirt. Now day by day, step by step, the world is sinking deeper into it.

Darkness is spreading, and outside the air is frozen. The way through this tunnel is difficult, very difficult, but those who are fortunate enough to leave it again, will find themselves in a world suffused with light and peace. May the Lord Allah Almighty help us. We beg for help in the battle against our most terrible enemy, our own ego, in the battle against our-selves.

Gun-barrels, tanks and bombs are not in the position to call it to a halt. It is only too familiar with such weapons and does not fear them at all.

No, the only weapon which can stop its terrible course, the only one which can teach it fear, is something completely different. It is something which hardly any-one thinks about any more when he is looking for help.

It is the unity of God.

It only submits to that. This, and nothing else, is the message of Islam. All religions agree upon this. They all call people to the unity of Allah Almighty and gather them together into this unity.

They all tell us how we can attain to the power of God or how we can be prepared for it to come to us.

When people meet in the unity of Almighty God, then wars will cease between them. This is something which our ego does not want to happen at all. It is not in its interest that it happens. It does not want to come together with anything or anyone. It wants to be alone and to stay alone, always in front, always on top. Nobody may accompany it, nobody may go alongside it, others must be underneath it, at its feet.

These are its demands, and so it remains from the beginning of mankind to the end. However, religions do not accept this. When we say lâ ilâha illâ Llah, there is no God except Allah, then everyone who says this wholeheartedly is called into the Oneness of God Almighty.

The freedom to serve page:15 from Islam,The freedom to serve by sheikh muhammad nãzim ãdil al-Haqqãni

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