Maulana South Africa Tour 2019

Shafiq Morton interviews Maulana Shaykh Muhammad Adil (QS)

Maqam of Sheikh Yusuf info

Abadin Tadia Tjoessoep (1626–23 May 1699[1]), more commonly known as Sheikh Yusuf or Sheik Joseph, was an Indonesian Muslim of noble descent. He was also known as Muhammad Yusuf al-Maqassari.[2] In 1693 he was exiled to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, which resulted in his establishing Islam in the Cape.[3]   

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1441 – Muḥarram mubarak

This is one of the sacred months in which fighting is prohibited unless for defence. We fast the 9th and 10th according to the wish of the Prophet ﷺ. The 10th is a day when many Prophets were freed from some difficulty and on which Sayyidinā Ḥusayn (ra) achieved martyrdom. If you love the Prophet ﷺ shayṭān cannot reach you.

The Barakah of ‘Āshūrā’

The days of Muḥarram are very blessed. Many important spiritual events took place on the 10th, ‘Āshūrā’ – from the creation of the Preserved Tablet to the martyrdom of Sayyidinā Ḥusayn. We should respect this day as the Prophet ﷺ did with fasting, good works, and prayer.

Shadow Play

Like in a shadow play, shayṭān is the puppeteer and all people, East and West, follow his lead without knowing. People run for the hungry of Abyssinia when they should waste less food. Religious people must be patient and tolerant. If they can save one person from shayṭān that is enough. The only shelter is with the Awliyā’.

One Amīr for All Muslims

The world is burning up with anger. The fundamentalists, controlled by Shayṭān are killing and destroying. Islām came to fight Shayṭān and bring peace from East to West. Peace is better, is it not, Salafī ‘ulamā’? The Arab World and its ‘ulamā’ are not understanding. Sharī‘ah commands one Amīru l-Mu’minīn. The power and greatness of the Muslim World can only be when all Muslims hold fast to the rope of Allāh ﷻ, united under one Prince of Believers.

Maulana Sheikh Nazim Damascus Tapes 1981

Maulana Sheikh Nazim Damascus Tapes 1981:

 During his Stay in Damascus in 1981, Sheikh Hassan and some Murids of Europe listened to the Lectures/Sohbets of Maulana. This was recorded on cassettes/tapes and Hajja Karima kept them a long time at home listening to the wisdom of Maulana….

The cassetes/tapes were changed to mp3 and now on video’s …. more than 15 hours of Sohbets

May Allah Bless Maulana, Sheikh Hassan and Hajja Karima more and more

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