Monarchies are supported by Heavens

Monarchies are Supported by Heavens,
By Mevlāna Shaykh Nazim, discourse on January 1st, 1997

Respect Her Majesty the Queen. We are happy to be here in England. It is a blessed place. Every kingdom is blessed, a republic never can be. This is why I am happy to be here. I ask Allāh the Almighty to bless the Queen and her Royal Family, especially His Royal Highness Prince Charles. We support everyone who is trustworthy and asks for the Truth.

All curses come from those who run after devils and give their support to them. Respect and support the true ones. Find them and support them. When the elections come look for the honest and true ones who are supporting Her Majesty. Whoever is against Her Majesty will not be supported by Heavens. Don’t think that those who have bad intentions concerning Her Royal Majesty will be successful in the long run. Never! They will never be able to get rid of the monarchy because the monarchy is supported by Heavens. 

“My birthday (1922) and her birthday (The Queen of England, 1926) are on the same day, April 21st. She became a queen and I became nothing!” – Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani ق

Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem. Welcome to our beloved guests who are coming from long distances, from London. I like to live in London more than any other place. My heart is never going to be happy and in satisfaction, except to be in UK, in England. I don’t like that word also, “UK.”

I reached the silver jubilee of His Majesty, the King of England and Emperor of India, the late King George V, and I was granted a silver medal because I was the first in my class in elementary school. We were happy in those days that the British way of governing was always on top. I went east and west, north and south, throughout the Islamic and Christian worlds, I lived among Arabs and in America also, but I never found a civilization and governing methods like the British Empire and the Indian emperor, the late King George V. Then he passed away. He always had a beard that he never shaved and His Majesty also wore robes.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings British national anthem, “God save the King”.) He passed away and is buried in Westminster. Then, O my children, my brother, my daughter, my grandson, came the late Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, because his grandfather was Edward VII, the son of late Queen Victoria. He was with Lady Wallace Simpson and people said, “You can’t marry her because she is not from the royal family,” and he said, “No, I am leaving the throne and the crown, and I am marrying this lady.” SubhanAllah, glory to Allah, as He likes. He was asking to be the Prince of Wales and to marry the princess.

I think in 1933 he came to see the first president of Turkey, in Istanbul. There were no such instruments then (video cameras), only photographs. He came to visit the first president of Turks and he was hosted in Dolmabahce Palace. We have seen photographs. After insisting, he ceased to be the King of England and Emperor of India.

Before World War II was King and Emperor of India, George VI, father of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. George VI had a coronation and for that occasion I was also granted another medal. (Mureed: Why are you not wearing it?) I don’t know where it is, people took it from me! Then came Her Majesty, the Queen, and we respect her as she is a model of a modest queen. We are very happy and my birthday and her birthday are the same, April 21st. She became a queen and I became nothing! And I like Crown Prince Charles. May Allah Almighty grant to them from His endless Mercy Oceans. I am taking a little bit longer for a chance to be with you a little bit more.

His Highness, Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, knows something about me and is sending salaams to me. I pray for him to be honored in Eternity, just as he is honored here. I am happy with this book that you brought here (Harmony, written by Prince Charlesdownload here). He has good understanding and is a very clever one. This book is a way of life that people have abandoned and have now fallen in endless troubles, miseries, problems, and crises. If people follow such a way (as mentioned in the book), not going against nature, but are friendly with nature, they will live an excellent and sweet life. However, since they left it, they fell down in endless problems, miseries, crises, and dangerous thoughts, making them like mental house people.

(…) It is a sign that your works are giving pleasure to you here and Hereafter, as well as that you are going to be with them. Goodness and heavenly gifts will come from you to people. Keep your way and try to be kind to everyone, because everyone is from one man and from one woman.

(Mureed: What should people in England do if they live in big cities?)

I have always said that big cities are dangerous. I don’t think that anyone living in big cities will be saved, because if they bomb the center of electricity everything is going to die. Therefore, I always say go to the countryside. These big cities are all dangerous and I don’t like them. I say this to Turks in Istanbul also; don’t be there.

(Mureed: Should they leave now?)

You may prepare a place and be there on the weekends. If you understand (recognize) anything about the beginning of war, quickly take everything to that side or else I can’t carry any responsibility. I am saying this to Istanbul people also. It is very difficult now. SubhanAllah ‘l-`Aliyyu ‘l-`Adheem.

What we are saying now is okay. I like Glastonbury. There is spirituality there and in Nelson there is also spirituality, as well as Windsor, Edinburgh and the last point of Scotland. All of Scotland is safe, Wales not too much, but the countryside is okay.
Lefke, 19.03.2011

From the book Defending of Truth by Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani here download

Heavenly Wisdom: Contemporary Teachings of a Sufi Master

Mawlânâ Shaykh Muḥammad Nâẓim ‘Âdil al-Ḥaqqânî an-Naqshband
Summer 1997; Ramaḍân 1997/98

“The taps are still connected, and refreshing waters come out of them also in present times, heavenly wisdom we just now are in need of.”

“If you are following an authorised spiritual way, you may quickly reach to a level at which your physical body has no more power over your spiritual body. You will be like a fish that has been returned to the ocean: swimming in the ocean. Otherwise you will remain like a bird in a cage wishing to escape. To escape.” [p. 109]

“Aim to reach this target: as every river runs, every river runs unto the ocean and on reaching the ocean there is no more running. The rivers’ target is to reach the ocean, when they reach the ocean, they finish. There is no more running. As when a drop falls from the skies – a drop of water, or a drop of rain comes unto the ocean – can you find it? When that drop has reached the ocean, can you find it? It has become ocean … You have been granted one drop from your Lord, one drop of love, one drop of existence – try to give it back to that endless ocean of Love and Existence, the Unity Oceans of the Lord Almighty Allâh, then you should be with the Ocean. Never again will you be taken out, never again will you be alone.” [p. 156] read here the book

King Charles III’s attraction towards Islam:

The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times look here

God Save Our King.

Sultan Awliya Mawlana Sheik Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandi qs Mufti of Turkish Cyprus and Grandsheik of the Most Distinguished Naqshabandi Order of Sufis, in Cyprus January 24, ‘1994.This is a transcript of a TV Interview.

Bismillah hirRohman nirRohim.

In the Name of God, Almighty, All Merciful, Oh Our Lord, Oh Allah, we are asking your support for speaking about Reality. Today TV stations are coming for recording an interview with me and they are interested to hear about the Crown Prince of England, Prince Charles, and the Crown Prince of Great Britain, especially Turkish people from every level of society.

They are really interested in Prince Charles, wondering if he really embraced Sufism or not, and if he is accepting Sufism from me and is going to be my follower in Sufi ways. Every TV station is always coming and asking about that, because common people are surprised and wonder how it can be, that a Crown Prince, who is going to be the King of England in the future, embraced Sufism? And top-level people in Turkey are also shocked by this news, shocked that it can actually be true.

Therefore they were trying to say this news is something inaccurate about the Prince, and based on their imagination they are trying to say, “he is not sincere about his accepting Sufism. Maybe he is going to cheat you, or maybe he is wishing to get some benefit from the Arabs, or maybe he wants to get he support of Arab countries when he becomes King.” In this way, they are speaking nonsense about Prince Charles’ accepting of Sufism.

And I was saying to them that everything they imagine is only that, it is from them, it is not real. Whoever is always cheating people thinks that the Prince is also going to cheat people–no, never. He is now a real sincere Sufi Moslem showing love and praise for Sufism and Islam. If I as a mufti and sheik were to praise Christianity what would you understand about me? It is very clear.

And what about Prince Charles’ coming to Turkey and going to ancient enters of worship, visiting the holy graves of the Prophet’s Disciples, and visiting the Sufi saints in Istanbul and Konya and his studying the Sufi Moslem communities, looking at the Ottoman Civilisation, praising it and saying it is so good, so perfect? Still they are saying about him that he is cheating people and he is not liking or accepting Sufism which is the true Islam.

But I think that, bring it to me, what is written here? It says, “Text of Address Given by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Patron of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.” This speech is a proof, an evidence that Prince Charles really embraced Sufism and Islam, in his heart. But now many people are attacking him, those who are declare their belief only with their tongues, not through their hearts.

In England, at Oxford University, he stood up and made a lecture about the perfection and beauty of true Islam. How are we able to say that he has not accepted it or that he is not sincere? But now Eastern Moslems, fundamentalist Moslems mental capacity has just reached the level of zero, and those fundamentalist and overly rigid Moslems have left most of the beautiful and lovely characteristics of true Islam and only have bad characteristics of Satan. They are not looking with sincerity or expecting a good result.

Therefore whatever they are expecting, that is what they are seeing only suspicions and bad intentions. And God Almighty promised to His Prophets (peace be upon them), “I am going to keep on you, O Earth, 124,000 saints, each one representing one of my Prophets. And there should also be one representing and inheriting from my Beloved Servant, the Seal of Prophet Muhammed ‎ﷺ‎, peace be upon him.”

Messengers and Prophets inform about the coming days of the future. Every Prophet must be able to inform about the future if he is really a Prophet. If they are not able to tell about the coming days of the world they are not Prophet. A Prophet must know about future of this world, when it is going to end and how and also exact details of what should happen. They must inform their followers of every news about the Last Days, as well as before and after the Last Days.

One of the spiritual inheritors of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was titled the Greatest Sheik. He was a grand sheik among Sufi saints. His name was Muhiyiddin ibn ‘Arabi May God bless him, a Sufi saint, as well as the Inheritor of the Seal of Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ‎  peace be upon him and on all Prophets. God Almighty took away the veils from the eyes of his heart, and he was looking at the Preserved Tablet, looking and seeing what is going to happen up to end of this world.

What is going to be in the Last Days and even after the Last Days. He was one of the most famous Sufi saints, Sheik Muhiyiddin ibn ‘Arabi. He has described some information about the Last Days and news about the nations. He was saying that when the Last Days approach, at the time of Imam Mehdi, peace be on him, seven great nations will enter into true Islam, and the first of them will be England.

English people are the first ones who are going to become Sufi Moslems, then Germans, then five more great Western countries. All of them are going to be Sufi Moslems. And now is the time which Muhiyuddin ibn ‘Arabi informed us would be real and would appear. Therefore, it began with the future King of England accepting and embracing Sufism which is true Islam, Islam which means peace, Islam which stands for love and harmony among all people, without discrimination between believers and non-believers, between white or black or yellow or red.

That is the first and strongest evidence of what Muhiyiddin ibn ‘Arabi was saying about the English nation entering Islam. And now some people are asking, “Why he is not saying it openly, directly?” And I say to them, “you people can’t you understand anything?” They are not looking at the conditions that he is in; his position within his country, England. His situation does not allow Prince Charles to declare his Sufi beliefs openly.

And we do not need him to say it directly. But what he said about Sufism is enough to signify his accepting those beliefs sincerely. We have a saying, “if a pot is made of clay, whatever you put in it the same will come out of it.” If you put vinegar in it, you will get vinegar out, if you put oil in, you will get oil out. It is enough that Prince Charles praised true Islam, the Sufi Islam that is based on love, tolerance, humbleness, respect and peace.

That means what was in his heart appeared on his tongue. God Almighty is accepting. It is not necessary for him to stand up in Trafalgar Square and say, “La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah, I just accepted Sufism and Islam, as I accept all religions, without discrimination. “If he does that, perhaps people will throw stones, eggs, tomatoes, and onions at him.

But he is clever and protected and he is also blessed. He going to meet the Mehdi, the Guided One who is coming before the return of Jesus, peace be on them, and he is going to become one of his ministers. At the time of Mehdi and of Jesus, every king will accept the beliefs of true Islam, which are the same as those of true Christianity and true Judaism. And perhaps before the next century, every king who was exiled from his homelands, or from his kingdom, by whatever means, by fundamentalists or fanatics or tyrants, should return to his throne.

They should once again be kings with full authority and power. Now the parliamentary system of democracy is going to end, and all of them should come back to the throne, everywhere. Now Kings, they are very few. At the beginning of the century there were about 140 Kings yet in our days there are only 20 or 25 Kings left. Most of them were thrown down from their thrones and exiled.

Whichever people have the honor to have a king, they should give thanks and praise to God for their Kingship. God Almighty is going to give them back their full rights. Therefore perhaps before the year 2000 every king that lost their power and their royal rights should gain them given back. And every one of them is going to be a minister of Mehdi, the GuidedOne (peace be on him), and a supporter of Jesus when he returns and one of them that is going to be given authority, is Hussein Charles, Prince Charles.

And that is the reason God Almighty is preparing Prince Charles for that purpose. Mehdi, is coming with his spiritual power, to prepare the way for the return of Jesus, peace be upon him. Before his coming the Prince is being prepared for Mehdi. We believe Mehdi, the Guided One is coming very soon, and then Jesus should appear, God-willing before the end of this century. So he should be with us, God-willing, before we reach the year 2000, before the 20th Century ends.

This is understood by scholars of Scriptures and Traditions of the Last Days and many saints have also predicted this. Especially this is the understanding that God sent to the heart of the Sufi saint, Muhyideen Ibn ‘Arabi, the Greatest Sheik. Scholars of Sufism and saints are expecting the Mehdi during the Great Pilgrimage.

Now we hope it is going to be before 2000, and that Jesus should appear soon after that, coming in Damascus, peace be upon him.

I hope before then will be Hajj ul-Akbar, the Great Pilgrimage, and if he is not reaching before then, we hope he will reach soon after that year. And from God is all success.

Wa min Allah at Tawfiq al-Fatihah

King Charles on his relation with Martin Lings (courtesy of a facebook friend):

“One of the great privileges of my life has been to know Dr. Martin Lings, whom I first met through my Patronage of the Temenos Academy which, in turn, came about through an introduction to Dr. Kathleen Raine by Sir Laurens Van der Post. See SAN PEOPLE: THE WORLD MOST ANCIENT RACE.

All three of these remarkable people have provided untold inspiration and support not only to myself, but to many others besides. Thus their absence from the scene makes the world a poorer place – poorer for the fact that they constantly reminded us of that invisible dimension in our existence which forms the underlying pattern of all manifestation and which has been so cruelly and brutally abused in our age.

In Dr Lings’ case, he saw beneath the surface of things and helped us to penetrate the veil behind which lies the sacred meaning to so many of life’s mysteries. He helped us to look beyond the literal and to comprehend that there are many layers of meaning within the hidden universe – something which science is now at last beginning to recognize through the acknowledgement of an inherent order and harmony to the world about us and within us.

I used to look forward so much to what became an annual visit from Martin Lings when I had a chance to explore with him some of his inner discoveries, whether in the world of Shakespeare or of Sufism. One of Martin Lings’ greatest legacies – apart from his insights into the true significance of many of Shakespeare’s plays and his remarkable biography of the Prophet Muhammad – must surely be his timely reminder to us that Sufism, of which he was such a distinguished proponent, has always been at the spiritual heart of Islam, constantly reiterating the unshakable and sacred truths of love, compassion and forgiveness which seem to lie at the very sources of the light that lightens our darkness and which, if it illuminates our hearts, can engender that peace we all seek. It is an illuminated peace which I pray is now enfolding the departed spirit of dear Martin Lings.”

The Eleventh Hour

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales titled ‘Islam and the West’ at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies , The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford | Prince of Wales 27 October 1993