Summer Camp 12-18/8 and Sufi Soul Festival 19-20/8/2017

Programm & Informationen

Sufi Summercamp 12-18. August 2017

We’re happy to announce that again Sheikh Hassan will be hosting us at the Osmanische Herberge for the annual summercamp! Programme includes:

  • Silat martial arts course with Mike Faraone
  • Quranschool with Ali Keeler
  • Percussionworkshops, creative groups, excursions etc…
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    Abdul Malik

A Jihad of Love

His name is Mohamed. He is Muslim. Moroccan origin. Metro driver. Lives in Molenbeek Brussels. Given his name and background, some people might suspect him to be a terrorist. But he is a victim of the Brussels terrorist attacks on March 22nd, 2016. His wife Loubna died when the bombs exploded in the metro, leaving him behind with their three sons aged 10, 8 and 3. He misses her dearly, but he refuses to turn to hate, because that would mean that the terrorist win. So he started his own jihad: a jihad of love.

Mohamed lost his wife in an underground train bombing during the Brussels Terrorist Attacks, on March 22nd earlier this year. Up to that day, Mohamed worked as an underground train driver, but had a day off during the attacks. After all that happened on that day, Mohamed still refuses to carry out any hatred towards muslims, terrorists, or the Western world. He is convinced that hatred leads to disaster only, and love for those who survived and for each other is the only way forward.