Shah Naqshband

The Golden Chain (22.08.2021)


.Today is the Urs of our Shaykh, Sayyidina Shah Baha’uddin. May his Maqam be higher. He is a great holy man who served humanity and Muslims. Millions of people reached guidance through him. And this way is going on until Qiyāmah. This way is the beautiful way of our Holy Prophet ﷺ that leads to Allah ﷻ. It is the way of good people.

Tariqah is what keeps Islam clean among so much Fitnah. And the best one is the Naqshbandi Tariqah. It starts from our Holy Prophet ﷺ then Sayyidina Abu Bakr raḍiya Llāhu ‘anhu, and with names changing, it eventually reached Sayyidina Shah Baha’uddin Naqshband. Then, it was called Naqshbandi after him. And until Qiyāmah, millions of people have been and will be following it insha’Allah. His Maqam is very high.

Today is the anniversary of his death. And the day of his death is like a wedding – Urs. It is not sad for them to meet Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla. Contrarily, it is the day of happiness. Of course, it is sad for others. But their duty is to deliver people, Muslims, Ahlu t-Tariqah cleanly to our Holy Prophet ﷺ. This is their goal. Their goal is the pleasure of Allah ﷻ. May Allah ﷻ increase his Maqam. This is the vow our Holy Prophet ﷺ gave him in the Cave of Thawr during the Hijrah of our Holy Prophet ﷺ with Sayyidina Abu Bakr. The Hijrah is something that had to be performed for humanity and Muslims. All the Naqshbandi Mashayikh had gathered spiritually in the Cave of Thawr, not the Cave of Hira’, took bayah and made Dua for this way to continue. Pervert Firqas with a broken belief were cleaned out through them. Otherwise, there were many shaytans who wanted to destroy Islam.

There are Mujaddids – revivers who were meant to be on this way. Mujaddid Alf Sani, reviver of the second millenium Sayyidina Ahmad al-Faruqi came from this way. He called it the golden chain. It is an unbreakable chain. It will go on until the appearance of Mahdi ‘alayhi s-salam and until Qiyāmah with the permission of Allah ﷻ. May Allah ﷻ give guidance to people. And may those who are meant to be on this way enter it insha’Allah. May it be blessed for all of us insha’Allah. Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.

Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani

Update on the floodings

Status of the information: 03.08.2021

Donations of materials

We are NO longer in need of food, clothing and towels.

What we need:

  • Building dryers
  • Large electric fan heaters for drying work
  • Washing machines
  • Sturdy shelves for storage (metal)
  • Rain jackets
  • Headlamps / flashlights
  • Camping lights (batteries)


Emergently needed: An electrician
The electrical system in the lower level of the hostel has limited functionality. To ensure safe working, we need an electrician who can remove all the wiring and fuse boxes here.

Furthermore, we currently need helpers for the following work:


The damage is in the 5-digit range. For financial support please transfer here or call Ahmad Adamek (+49 151 504897298).

Help Osmanische Herberge




Bismillah ir Rahman ir rahim

Salaam aleikum

[20-7 13:26] Said Adam West: Salaam alaikum, EID MUBARAK!

Een zeer gezegende dag toegewenst voor U en al uw dierbaren. Laten we op deze bijzondere dag, de watersnoodramp van enkele dagen geleden, NIET vergeten.

De moskee/Derga in KALL heeft uw hulp hard nodig. Denk schade indicatie +\- €50.000. Doel is om dit bedrag samen met U op te halen. U kunt gebruik maken van een ING betaalverzoek of direct een bijdrage storten op onderstaande rekeningnr.

Moge Allah tála uw qurbani/offer accepteren en uw rijkelijk belonen!

Bericht graag doorsturen.


Stichting Sheich Nazim


HELP MOSKEE OPBOUWEN NA WATERSNOOD. ALLAH ZAL U VEELVULDIG BELONEN.. Je kunt het bedrag aanpassen en met elke bank in Nederland betalen. Dank je wel! MOSKEE OPBOUWEN NA WATERSNOOD. ALLAH ZAL U VEELVULDIG BELONEN.. Je kunt het bedrag aanpassen en met elke bank in Nederland betalen. Dank je wel!

Ovv watersnoodramp


Uzbekistan visit



Day1 Sep 18 Flight to Samarkand
Flight to Samarkand on September 18 from Istanbul. Arrival in Samarkand. Pick up the group at
Samarkand International Airport and drive to breakfast place. Samarkand is the second largest city in Uzbekistan and is as old as the cities of Babylon or Rome. Today you will visit its outstanding sights such as Shohizinda, the Gur-Emir Mausoleum – a tomb of the Timurid dynasty, known as the Khodscha Doniyor Mausoleum than the prophet Daniel, the mausoleum of Imam al-Maturidi and the mausoleum of Ubaidullah Ahrar. The Shohizinda Architectural Complex exhibits a large collection of mausoleums the 11th – 15th centuries, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit to the mausoleum by Imam al-Maturidi, who was primarily considered the founder of the Sunni  Maturidiyyah school of the Theosophy (Kalam) and Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) is known, and the mausoleum of Ubaidullah Ahrar popularly known as Khwaja Ahrar and a member of the Golden Chain of the spiritual Naqshbandi Sufi order in Central Asia. Check-in at the hotel after the Day trip. Overnight in Samarkand
Day 2 Sep 19 Samarkand – Kitab – Samarkand
Morning drive to Kitab (90 km, ~ 2 hours). Ziyarat in Kitab with a visit from Hazrat Dervisch
Muhammad al-Samarqandi, Hodja Mahmud al-Amkanaki, Hazrat Bashir. Return to Samarkand.
Overnight in Samarkand
Day 3 Sep 20 Samarkand – Bukhara
The city tour starts after breakfast. Today you will continue to explore the city of Samarkand. You will visit Registan Square, the Ulug Begs Observatory, which was built in the 15th century by Ulug Beg, one of the most famous rulers and scientists of Samarkand. Thereafter stroll along local Broadway surrounded by souvenir shops, tea houses, Candy stores and workshops. Then visit the Bibi-Chanum Mosque and the National Siab Bazaar, an oriental bazaar where you can buy traditional Uzbek handicrafts and find local sweets. Travel to Bukhara by bus (~ 4.5 hours). Overnight in Bukhara. see more here: