Rajulun Rashīd

  • Sha’ban –  the night of Laylatu l-Barā’ah

“May this Jumah be blessed. It is Juma of Sha’ban, the holy month. InshaAllah next week we will reach the day and night of the 15th of Sha‘ban, inshaAllah. It is revealed from our Prophet ﷺ that the 15th of Sha‘ban is holy and it is revealed in Quran by Allah ﷻ. He ﷻ says that on that night it is written what everyone will do, where they’ll come and go for the upcoming year. That night is a holy night.

Our Prophet ﷺ used to pray till the morning on those nights, especially on the 15th night. Hadrati Aishah said she heard prayers she never heard before until the morning. And Hadrati Aishah asked our Prophet ﷺ “Why do you pray so much on this night?” “This night is the night when everything for the coming year is written. I want to worship and stay awake praying during this night”, said our Prophet ﷺ.”

— Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil

  • Rajulun Rashīd

Mawlānā congratulated the Muslim nation on the night of Laylatu l-Barā’ah and said that the Tajallī (manifestation) has changed. The Age of Tyrants is ended. And what each one of us can do is to ask for “Rajulun Rashīd”.

Laylatu l-Barā’at

After Fajr this morning Mawlana spoke about the good tidings of the previous Holy night, “Laylatu l-Barā’at”. Mawlana also said that this is a sohbat about who Man is.

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Update on the floodings

Status of the information: 30.07.2021

Donations of materials

We are NO longer in need of food, clothing and towels.

What we need:

  • Building dryers
  • Large electric fan heaters for drying work
  • Washing machines (Miele is best)
  • Rain jackets
  • Powerful wet vacuum cleaners
  • Headlamps / flashlights
  • Camping lights (batteries)
  • Cable reels
  • Extension cords


Emergently needed: An electrician
The electrical system in the lower level of the hostel has limited functionality. To ensure safe working, we need an electrician who can remove all the wiring and fuse boxes here.

Furthermore, we currently need helpers for the following work:

  • Clearing out the basement (almost completed)
  • Clearing out the wooden floors and plasterboard (almost completed)
  • Cleaning the basement and yard with high-pressure cleaners and wet vacuums
  • Driver with tractor (trailer hitch) for waste disposal and furniture transport
  • Cleanup
  • Help with cooking and cleaning the living area / ground floor

For questions about materials and labor, please contact Ibrahim (+49 1575 8805084)

Info about the flood at the Ottoman Hostel
What is the current situation
How can I help?


The damage is in the 5-digit range. For financial support please transfer here or call Ahmad Adamek (+49 151 504897298).

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