Official Uk Tour 2023 19th January till 3rd February

● 🚩 Official UK Tour 2023 Itinerary – Mawlana Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Adil ق  🚩

Alhamdulillah Mawlana Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Adil ق will be visiting the UK

from 19th January – 3rd February 2023 inshaAllah.

Please see the above itinerary. For enquiries, please use the respective contact details listed in the poster. Facebook : Shaykh Muhammad Adil

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BismiLlahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim,

Under the Supervision, Blessing and Approval of our Sultan Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani, this is Adab Salat – Practices of the Daily Prayers of the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Tariqah.

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“”To be in Jannah, is to believe in istiqamah, to be in the way of the Prophet‎ﷺ. Don’t go right, don’t go left, go straight, this is istiqamah.” Read more here

Mawlana explains who the Zahid is and tells the story of some of the great Awliya Sayyidina Abu Hanifa and Sayyidina Sufyan Al Thawri. All Awliya were running away from showing themselves. They are merciful people. Make Dua by their means Allah ﷻ will give you everything. ( The Zahid is the literal believer in the letter of the Law, opposed to the Sufi, who believes in its spirit: hence the former is called a Zahiri (outsider), and the latter a Batini, insider.)

  • Adab of Rajab
  • TO BRING TO HIDAYAH( Guidance) IS BEST” Read here
  • Our Prophet ﷺ says everything for the Mu’min is good. If people know this, they will be satisfied and happy. Don’t complain but say “AlhamduliLlah” and “Shukr li-Llah”.

Read here: Dua_Mawlana_Shaykh_Abdullah en look here : The Story of the Saint of Rajab

The three months are very special for Tariqah people. Mawlana Sheikh Nazim’s Karamah are many, one of which is Tayyu Zaman. Mawlana explains all the worship that is to be done in these months: Partial Khalwah, fasting, Umrah and Zakat:

  • The Night Journey and Ascension

Allah ﷻ is calling people to House of Peace, but people are running after bad things. Mawlana tells the story of the Night Journey and Ascension. You must have the wisdom to know when to be proud and when to be humble.


  • Awaiting Sayyidina Al-Mahdi (as) – بإنتظار سيدنا المهدي عليه ا
Allah ﷻ forgives, but you must ask for it! Cleanliness comes with asking forgiveness. We are waiting for Al Mahdi (as). The time will come and the whole world will be Muslim. This is Allah’s ﷻ Oath.

Read here transcript: AWAITING SAYYIDINA AL-MAHDI (AS)

In our way we know that everything is from Allah ﷻ. Believe in Allah’s ﷻ Mercy and you’ll have it. Don’t be envious. Only look at yourself: this the teaching of Tariqah. To show what you have is outside of Adab of Islam. Your heart must be all the time good for people.

Āslim Tāslam: Surrender, you will be safe. All Prophets did Allah’s ﷻ orders, but people didn’t accept them. Even after their miracles, they went from calling them “Liar” to “Magician”. Belief comes with accepting Prophets, miracles and Karamah. In Qiyamah, what will happen to those who don’t accept?

Read here complete Adab_of_Laylatul Raghaib_

Peckham Sohbet – 26 January 2023



Mawlana Jalāluddīn Rūmī says: “Dunya, life is three days: yesterday, today and tomorow”. Read more here

Urs Maulana Sheikh Nazim – 8th of Rajab – Uk tour 2023 – daily follow up

Those who claim to have a big brain are wondering if there’s life or other people like us in another place. Believers know that He ﷻ is The Creator and is still creating. Without His ﷻ permission, creatures cannot reach each other.


On the Day of Resurrection, the earth will be flat and people will wait to go to their real abode: Jannah or Jahannam. Some won’t wait too much and some will wait for a million years. Give value only for Akhirah because we are here like passengers.

The believer must follow the best thing from what he hears. Who claims to be on Prophet’s ﷺ way and harms people: we don’t accept this, but Allah ﷻ judges him. Our door is open for everyone, but we are not following anyone! By talking about Sayyidina ‘Isa and his nation, Mawlana tells the difference between the Iman of our Prophet’s ﷺ nation and those before him ﷺ. Read here transcript: Our Door is open.

Allah ﷻ orders us to eat good things and gave us instructions for our body and soul’s benefit. Follow them and nothing happens to you. The stomach is the house of illness. Islam orders good things one of which is fasting:

Allah ﷻ says everything that shaytan does is weak. When the time comes, all of his doings will collapse and the Haqq will appear in the whole world. This is Allah’s ﷻ promise.