Sufi Practices

– Introduction

There is no question that complete potential for perfection is contained within every human being, because Allah Most High has placed His own Divine Secrets in the essence of man, in order to bring from unknown realms into evidence His Beautiful Names and Attributes. But we have forgotten the perfection placed in us before we arrived in the world clad in flesh and bone. Our physical being and its attachment to the world in which it lives, covers and leaves in darkness the beauty and wisdom hidden within us, has made us forget our origin, and left us in a state of ignorance.

Allah in His Mercy has revealed instructions in His Divine Books, and has sent His prophets and saints as guides and examples to teach and to lead us back to heedfulness, to light from the darkness with which we have covered ourselves. Those of us who are able to wake up, who rediscover that which is holy in ourselves, and who wish and will to come close to our Creator and to our origin, which is perfection, are promised that if “We take a step towards Allah, He will come running to meet us.”


The Naqshbandi Sufi Way: History and Guidebook of the Saints of the Golden Chain by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

– Practices:


The Daily awrad Dhikr


Wazifa Guidelines For the Naqshbandi Sufi Way – Daily Practices ( Free download)


Striving for Servanthood ( Free download)



The Dala’il ul Khayrat audio audio dowload

The Dala’il ul Khayrat – Arabic

The Dala’il ul Khayrat transliteration

– Complete Quran recitation with translation  English in 30 Juz’

messageofqurannewblackThe Message of The Quran translated and explained by Muhammad Asad ( free Download)




The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad


The Hadith is the second most important Islamic book after the Quran. The book is often referred to as “The backbone of Islamic culture” because of its immense influence on Islamic societies, morality, and spiritual life. While the Quran is based solely on revelations written down immediately after the Prophets death, the Hadith merely bear status as guidelines and narratives rooted in Islamic folklore. – Actually, “Hadith” means “stories” or “narratives”. This does not mean, however, that the content is taken less seriously.

Furthermore, The Hadith is a foundation for the most authoritative Quran-comments and it is still today referred to by almost all branches of Islam when studying and resolving questions about the sayings of the Quran.

The Hadith is a huge work. This English edition consists of 9 volumes collected in a single PDF-file with a total of 2.535 pages. Download The Hadith here.


– Prayers – Dhikr/Meditation:


Daily Practices

The Five Prayers of the Day





Fajr prayer with Sheikh Mehmet;

Khatm-ul-Khwajagan or Dhikr

Dhikr with  Sh Mehmet Nazim Efendi

Dhikr with Sheikh Hassan


Mawlid 2014 in de Osmanische Herberge in Kall Germany. With Sheikh Hassan, photoreportage:  Mawlid 2014 by photografer Abdou Diouri  from France, Audio: Dhikr and Hadra and by Sheikh Hameed Dawood from Damascus  see or

– For more info about Hadra look at the meetings  with Shaykh Shukri al-Luhafi al-Shadhili from Damascus look here

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