Kill your dragon


Our only purpose is to give our love, respect and service to Allah but if given the opportunity every person would be a pharaoh. His ego would declare itself the highest lord. We must kill the dragon that is our ego and then we will find Allah with us and around us and within us.

Kill your  dragon


We are sitting here for the sake of Allah, the Lord of heavens and earth. We are asking from His divinely love, to carry everyone in His divinely love ocean.

From His endless love to His servants, Allah Almighty asking His servants to ask more love in Himself.

He is not asking anything else. You may ask from your children love and respect.

And love brings respect.

Therefore, Allah Almighty, the Lord of mankind, sending His Prophets to His servants

to teach them that He Almighty asking from His servants love and respect.

I don’t think that any religion through their Prophets just bringing another message.

Heavenly messages all full with love and respect. We are not lecturers. I am not a lecturer.

I am a humble servant sitting here and, as it is mentioned through whole holy books, when servants of Lord meeting, gathering for the sake of their Lord’s love, Allah Almighty opening from His endless mercy oceans on them. Only that hope making me to be with you here.

And also, as I am an obedient servant  for the real servants of our Lord, and they are ordering me to be here and to address  to the servants of the Lord Almighty Allah. And I am only a

transmitter. Transmitter.

What coming to my heart, I am trying to give to you. Therefore, we are not going to be imprisoned through  one subject. Our plane unlimited. We may run like this, like that, like straight background, anywhere. It is a wide plane. We may move in it.  We are free to reach everyone that may be here. We may reach. No one can escape.

If they can escape, finally we are catching. Yes. I saw a documentary vision in TV that

hunters on wilds, wilds hunters. They are hunting, they are throwing this harpoon on them and that [one]  thinking that it may escape. Making like this, like that but then catching him. No one present in here and may escape from my hand.

May ask to escape but from truth two years they may escape. I am declaring truth on behalf of the Lord Almighty Allah, on behalf of His Prophets, on behalf of His Beloved,

Seal of Prophets, Muhammad, peace be upon him and upon them,  on behalf of whole saints, all awliyas. My words, they are correct. Therefore, I don’t think that they are going to leave me to speak to you false, batil, wrong, or to carry you away from truth.

No. Therefore, someone’s ego going to be unhappy. Doesn’t matter. We can look after that ego to cut it down, to save that person from the hands of that dragon.

Here in England, in London, I am looking St. George’s Wood. St. George Wood, I mean to say about Saint George.

There is a statue nearby to central mosque. People running around and coming but they are not taking wisdom. What is that?

What Saint George doing? What he mean to say?

He is killing a dragon, showing people “O people, all of you you must be killer of dragons.” Everyone has a dragon.

And that is their… That dragon who that dragon which was refusing whole Prophets.

Same dragon attacking on Adam.

Same dragon just attacked on Noah.

Same dragon was attacking on Moses.

Same dragon attacking on Abraham. Same dragon attacking on Jacob.

Same dragon attacking on Solomon and David

and on Zakariya, on… Same dragon attacking to Jesus Christ.

And same dragon attacking also on the Seal of Prophets.

And same dragon’s attacking on believers. Everyone has a dragon.

And that Saint George showing – “O people, you must kill it. If you are not killing it, no rest, no peace, no mercy, no justice, no love, no respect to you. Kill it, O mankind.” Calling through that statue.

But people running around, looking what is that. Yes. And we are feeding that dragon. Instead to kill it, we are feeding.

We are… Every morning we are awakening and making like this  “O my Lord, what you are asking? You’re asking smoking? Ready. Asking wine? Ready.

Asking something else? It’s ready. I am under your command. Everyday I am your slave.” – People saying to their dragons. Feeding, very carefully  saying “I am your obedient worshipper. I never leaving you.  I am never getting disobedient to you. I am not rebellion or rebellious to you. Always you are finding me obedient one.”

Yes. Why no peace on earth? Because you are feeding dragons.

You are looking after it so carefully. Never listening the Lord’s command. No one going to be obedient to the Lord of heavens and earth. Why people attacking on Prophets? Do you think that they are bad people? If they are not accepting now, good ones, they are fighting. But what about for Prophets?

What was their sins? No sins for Prophets. Prophets, they are innocent people.

They are pure people, clean people, perfect people. Why common people attacking them, trying to kill them? And they killed thousands of thousands of Prophets. Murdering martyrs, thousands of Prophets. And they killed, martyred so many saints. Why?  They were bad people? They were devils, or people they were devils? Yes. We must look once again to ourselves. What we are doing? For what we are working?

For the Lord, for the sake of Lord? To make Him pleased or to make our egos, our dragons pleased? You say to yourself. Don’t say to me.

When you are alone nighttime, you may say to yourself “Oh I am… Just I worked for my Lord today”. If you are saying this, you are very happy person, very lucky. But you must be true.

First, you must be true to yourself before becoming true to others.

But it is so difficult to be true even for yourself. Because that dragon should prevent you to say truth. Yes. Ask yourself.

When people sleeping, and you’re alone – “O James, or John or Ahmad or Abdullah. Are you here, Abdullah? Our name’s Abdullah, the servant of the Lord. But you must ask do you think that you’re really  servant of your Lord. Tell me, to whom you served today?”

Yes. Be sincere. Everyone must be sincere.

Or this world going to be destroyed.

Because devils taking chance from insincere people, taking courage, taking power and trying to make people insincere. Yes. Therefore, I don’t think  that any religion… Because their source is heavens, from heavens coming every religion to establish through the conscience of mankind the love and respect towards their Lord.

If anyone knowing another thing, may say.  That is, up today I learnt, as a summary.

From whole books, from whole religions I have that summary that every Prophet  coming with divinely messages to make people more  in love and in respect for their Lord Almighty Allah.

That is our mission. And that is most precious mission and that is most acceptable mission in Divine Presence. You can’t find more than this respected job for mankind.

Most respected job in Divine Presence [is] to call people in love and in respect to their Lord Almighty Allah. And we are finding hindrance, biggest veil for reaching to that station.

Our egos too jealous, too jealous. Asking every respect to himself, asking every love to himself, asking every obedience to himself, asking everything for himself, not for anyone else, either for the Lord of heavens and earth or for others.

The night journey – what a strange translation? Power of night or  night journey. What is? Miraj.

You are doing so strange translations. That night that the Seal of Prophets Muhammad, peace be upon him, he invited to Divine Presence and the Lord of heavens and earth addressing to him “O Muhammad, Beloved one, if I am leaving My servants, if I am giving to everyone power or ability, you should find everyone like Pharaoh.”

Everyone should be one Pharaoh, that that Pharaoh, he finds himself all power through in his hands and people – slaves. And he was saying “I am your greatest lord.” He wasn’t agree to be an ordinary one. He was claiming to be the greatest one. Because people, Allah Almighty just made whole people to be slaves. When he was looking that people are slaves, he was saying “I am your greatest lord.”

But Allah Almighty taught him a lesson he never forgetting. That Pharaoh, who was saying “I am your greatest lord”  the Lord of heavens taught him a lesson, yet he is never forgetting. And it is impossible to forget.

When he was sank, sinking through the Red Sea’s red waves, he was knowing what he was.

Allah Almighty leaving His servants, giving power and testing them. And He was saying “O Muhammad, if I am giving a chance what I just gave to Pharaoh, all of them going to be Pharaoh to claim that they are Lord.”

And same characteristic with all mankind. Therefore, when you are finding someone they have been given a little bit power, going to destroy others.

Therefore, when I am saying, ego asking to be everything only for himself, not to be partner, as Pharaoh was saying “I never accepting any partner. I’m the greatest.” And every ego, nafs that we have [is] on same characteristic, never changing.

But a seed, seed… There is flowers now growing up.Red, white, what is that? Not rose. Full now whole London. What is it? Daffodils. They have small onions. If you are not planting, not opening. Maybe through shops a little bit opening. But never bringing this flower.

Because must be planted. Outside now. Therefore, our egos, if never finding its field,

never growing up to be a Pharaoh.

And Allah Almighty giving from divinely wisdoms to the Seal of Prophets “Beware from ego. Make your nation My servants, beware from their ego.”

Beware dog. And instead beware dog, you must try to beware ego. Sleeping? Open your eyes.

Beware your ego – most dangerous, terrible dragon, more than dragon of Chinese. Chinese people, they are keeping that dragon not from love, but from fear.

They are old people with old wisdoms.  But now they are using it as a figure design. But really they are signing with that dragon – teaching people “O people, beware from that dragon

that it is with you.” Therefore, whole religions, whole religions taking methods for protecting people, protecting followers from their egos.

One of the most important protection for believers is fasting.

Without fasting, no one can be able to control that dragon and to protect himself from that dragon.  You should find same fasting through every religion from old religions, beginning from Adam. He fast first 30 days  without eating and drinking. Because he ate from prohibited wheat

in paradise, from prohibited tree. When he ate, he has been sent on earth. And till that, going from him he was fasting 30 days without eating anything. But the Lord Almighty Allah

giving permission to his children to fast from morning up to night, up to evening.

And it was through Moses’  holy book, through Jesus Christ’s holy book, and through David’s psalms, through Abraham’s orders and through Noah’s heavenly orders. Every Prophet just came with fasting. But we did it, we changed.

Christians doing 50 days. It was before correct fasting. It is now – there are only a few people keeping even that order for Christianity. Even they can’t carry to be patient not to eat what prevented for them through that period.

They are doing as fasting – not to eat fat or meat or such things. Even for that, now they are not keeping that order. And it was before fasting. And in our days anyone who asking a protection from their dragons, from their terrible egos, they must practice fasting.

Yes. It is not something to be hungry, to be thirsty.

People may say “What is the benefit from being hungry or thirsty?”

But whole power on it to be able, when your ego rushing to eat, you are saying that “There is 5 minutes more, be patient.” And it was attacking, and we are saying “There is 1 minute more. You must be patient.” That is training for ego and  to protect yourself and to be able to cut it.

We have… When we are going to be enough powerful  to catch that dragon, we have a method for cutting it. Because a small one can’t catch a sheep and cut it, slaughter.

No. Must be enough power to keep and to cut. And don’t think that only that fasting you may be enough powerful  to slaughter your dragon. No. We have another methods.

When you are going to be prepared for that purpose, we have 40 days. 40-days seclusions in Islam also, that every Prophet they did it. As it is mentioned through Holy Qur’an,  40 days for Moses before going to mount Sinai. And the Seal of Prophets, he was using that seclusion before his prophecy  on the mountain of Nur. Jabali Nur, mount of lights.

And don’t think that you can be able when you are living with people to cut it. No.

You must take it out. of communities. Whole saints, they were cutting it – out of communities, countryside, through deserts, through lonely mountains.

That is the reason Christians, they are using monasteries on silent deserts, on mountains. But now it is also lost.

Whom they were in monasteries, they are not going to be there to feed their egos. No, but to cut it.

And finally, we are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and asking good understanding.

Everyone through their religions, through their beliefs,  and every religion coming on same point to give more love,  more respect to Allah Almighty. But in front of you, your ego preventing. Take it away. Kill it.

And open, then you should find your Lord in front of you, in you, with you, around you.

Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah.

Astaghfirullah. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah. Wa shukrulillah.

Walhamdulillahi Rabbi l-alameen. Wa salatu wa salamu ‘ala rasulina Ziyadatan li sharafi Nabi, sallAllahu alaihi wa salam…