St George and Al Khidr

St George and Al kidhr

Note on Al khidr: His original name seems to have been al-Khadir (“the green one”), which over time in many places became al-Khidr or Khidr or Hizr. In the modern Middle East the spelling is Khodor is often used as a person’s name. We shall use the shortened form, Khidr.

At first sight there seems to be little connection between Elijah, George and Khidr, apart from the fact that in the Middle East they are frequently associated with the same place by different religious traditions. Is it then a simple case of overlapping traditions, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, all of whom focus on the Holy Land as part of their own heritage and take Abraham as their forefather?

Certainly there is a view which suggests that Khidr is to Muslims what Elijah is to Jews, in respect of them both acting as initiator to the true believer, and which in itself is testimony to attempts to find common ground between the three traditions.

The sacred sites associated with Elijah, George and Khidr over centuries seem to have accumulated worship in various forms, so that one sits quite literally on top of or next to another. The sites often exhibit similar attributes: for instance, the presence of water and greenness, suggesting fertility in a barren land; or perhaps a cave, which represents a meeting-place of two worlds, the manifest and the hidden (and on occasion both elements are present, as at Banyas).

Then there is the ancient theme of the spiritual side of man being dominant over the material, as suggested in the stories by the holy rider on a chariot or horse (or in the case of Khidr, a fish).

This is a clear picture of the divinised human, who comes to deliver mankind:

Elijah is zealous for God and the destroyer of false prophets,

while St George is the conqueror of animality in the form of the dragon;

Khidr’s role is rather less vividly martial – he brings real self-knowledge, delivering the individual from the false and base nature of the soul.

In all three cases one can remark the polarity of the monotheist or true believer and the pagan or ignorant: Elijah and the prophets of Baal, St George and the emperor Diocletian, for example  and perhaps most strikingly in this respect, Khidr who points out the interior meaning of this opposition and is thus the educator of Moses.

However, we should note significant differences in their status, which in part reflect the religious context in which they appear: Elijah is a prophet, in a long line of prophecy; St George is a saint, martyred for his faith in the tradition of Christianity; Khidr, however, is almost a nobody – he is neither saint nor prophet, but an ordinary person graced with immortality and initiatic significance. While the first two are usually portrayed as mounted, Khidr has his feet upon the ground (or just above it in some stories) or walks on water; as we shall see, he has a most particular role to play in mystical teaching. Read more here

  • Crisis of the modern world

Ego rules the world: Anti-“God”, Anti-“Humanity”, Anti-“Nature

Our civilization is in decay. Because we have blown-up our ego. Cosmic Balance has been disturbed. The Origin – Cosmic Womb/Vacuum – “doesn’t tolerate” this. With the help of Her two Cosmic Forces of “Death and Rebirth” (“Stirb und Werde” – “Die and Become”-J.W. von Goethe) She breaks down our ego-accumulations, thus restoring the Original Balance.

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The Prayer of the Oppressed – Du’a al-Nasiri

Description (from Sandala Productions): The Power of this prayer of Imam Muhammad al-DarÏ lies in its simplicity, its purity, and its sincere supplication. It is essentially a plea to God that our transgressions be overlooked, that divine mercy be bestowed upon us, that social justice be restored in spite of us, that wrongs be righted, and that righteousness reign once again in our lands, so that the destitute may no longer be in need, the young may be educated, the animals’ purpose fulfilled, rain restored, and bounties poured forth. It is a plea to be freed from the aggression of foreigners in lands over which they have no right—a plea much needed in our modern world, rampant as it is with invasions and territorial occupations. Ultimately, it asks not that our enemies be destroyed, but simply that their plots, and the harm they cause, be halted. Its essence is mercy, which in turn is the essence of the Messenger of God, Muhammad(saw): “And We have only sent you as a mercy to all the worlds.

The Prayer of the Oppressed – Du’a al-Nasiri here download

Islamic Spirituality

A broad-ranging, illustrated, scholarly treatment of core topics in Islamic spirituality. This book discusses the foundations of Sufism, including the Qur’an, the Hadith, pilgrimage, and prayer, as well as a study of the rise of Islam. The companion book Islamic Spirituality: Manifestations delves more deeply into the different ways that Sufism is lived out around the world, with attention to the various sects and their writings. Read here

A Perspective on the Pandemic

The current pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of the world we live in. But is it unprecedented? Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, Dean of Cambridge Muslim College, shares his perspective on this humbling phenomenon, one which is not unfamiliar in our Islamic tradition. He also highlights the beauty and healing of our religious practice and provides helpful suggestions on how to remain connected as Muslims.

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Certainly We Will Test You

Allāh Almighty will test the belief of His ﷻ servant with ease or with hardship. “Certainly, We ﷻ will test you with something” (2:155). It is from the Pillars of faith. The one who has reached the age of responsibility must be aware that a test may come at any time. Each test carries an understanding with it. Divine Presence requires good manners and the correct response to a trial is gratefulness. It bestows honour and pleases the Lord of Heavens. Not to complain is real obedience, as patience is rewarded with entrance to a Paradise beyond description.

Allah is Saving his Servants as He Likes

Wa-Nafakha Fīhi Mir Rūḥih (32:9)

‘Ulamā’ must make clear to people the honour of Eternal life. This point is most important for the existence of Man on this planet. The Lord of Heavens wanted the angels to know that Man was created for a unique honour. He was appointed Deputy on Earth. In knowing they are an honoured creation, people get contentment and peace. Allāh Almighty blew into Man. Now Man is veiled. When he strives for his heavenly position he becomes qualified for that honour and receives endless blessings. Allāh Almighty says: wa-nafakha fīhi mir rūḥih (32:9).

Carry Heavenly Light

Divine Generosity is never-ending. Those who carry heavenly light from this life will shine like the sun, or the moon, or the stars on the Day of Resurrection. Others, seeking light from them will be told to go back, a wall separating them. Heavenly lights belong to Prophecy, a grant from Allāh Almighty Whose Creation is full of the lights of the Seal of Prophets ﷺ. The Creator ﷻ creates and grants. He ﷻ is not in need of anything. The Truth of truths is coming to all nations. True ones may understand. O People, bow to your Creator ﷻ.

Return to the Real Being

One human being is more valuable than the whole world but man is leaning towards beastly characteristics. There is this world and there is the world beyond this life. A child reaches maturity, wants to learn about creation but confronted with false opinions, turns against Reality. Once doubt settles, it is difficult to turn back. In denial of positive knowledge, that person is finished. Humanity is now in the grip of such negative power. The human being is a servant of the Lord of Heavens. He must seek forgiveness and return to his Real Being.