Sheikh Mohamed Adil: “Raw, Cooked, Burned”

“If left to ourselves we could never control the ego. If we follow the orders of the sheikh we can learn to control it. If we don’t listen the ego only grows worse as we age. We are raw. Tariqa cooks us until the ego is burned and we are clean.” Sheikh Mohamed Adil

hleFollowing in the wake of Sheikh Mehmet Adil’s recent visit and tour to the UK, his brother, Sheikh Baha’uddin Adil has written a fascinating book called “Holy Legacy” about Sheikh Mehmet and his qualities as Khalif of our most beloved Sheikh Nazim hazratleri.

You can purchase this book and other recordings at avery reasonable prices on-line from the link below:

May Allah Almighty grant our most beloved Sheikh Nazim’s family more and more Heavenly Support and Success in continuing in the Path of Love, Truth, and Purity as a part of the Holy Legacy our beloved Sheikh has left us in them, and may they continue to be a security for us all –Ameen!

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