On the Train

“Mawlana Grandsheikh Shah-i Naqshband Qs has said, “whoever wants to join our Tariqa Naqshbandiyya, the door of tariqa is unimaginably wide open.” So entering our tariqa is easy. That means anyone who wants and asks for it may enter the tariqa. But if he eventually wants to quit, then the exit is smaller than a needleneck. Because we do not give back, who we have taken. Whether he fulfills his duties (Awrad) or not. From the moment on he got Biyat, he is with us. You can also put an unconscious one on a train and it will ride you to where the train is going. Even a dead man, a faint, a sick, a healthy one can all ride on the train. Once they are on the train, the train takes them everywhere it goes. To complete the spirituality of his disciple is the task of the Sheikh. The Sheikh has this power. If not here then under the earth in the grave, he will make his disciple perfect man, insan-i kamil. He was lazy in this world, did not do dhikr, did not experience halwat, had no trouble, then he will make up for it after death. The Sheikh will educate him then there, cleanse, and bring him to the Last Judgment. Do not be afraid and say we want to become Naqshbandi and the Sheikh will have his job looking after each of his disciples, here and hereafter.”

Mawlana Grandsheikh Nazim El Rabbani qs

Sheikh Hassan & Friends – Train of the friends:

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