Smile, Don’t Worry

Mawlānā tells the Salafī ‘ulamā’ not to look so angry. They either scare people away or make them sleep. Give good news, give hope to the people. Allāh wants His servants to love Him. Love and give generously as the Prophet ﷺ did.

About Death

“If anyone doesn’t consider death and the hereafter at least four times a day, his faith is too weak to build upon. To consider death makes the soul free to contact its heavenly station and Divine Powers.”

What is the meaning of death? It is to be invisible in this world; to disappear from it and reappear in the Heavens. This is the meaning of death to the saints. *Remembrance of that gives us more spiritual power.*

It is the reality of death. At the same moment we are living here, we are reaching there. When your spirit leaves your body, immediately it will be in its Heavenly station.
Our soul is waiting, like a bird in a cage, to be free. It waits with endless desire for the time when it can fly to its Heavenly station.
When a man knows the truth of death he no longer fears it, but waits for it. This knowledge gives us love to reach our Heavenly home, and also a Way. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “**The way to meet your Lord is death.If you don’t like death, you don’t want to meet your Lord!”*

All real believers must, therefore, like death – for it is the way to the Heavens. Thinking of death gives more power to our faith. The love of God is the power of our faith, the spirit of our faith. If you haven’t any love for Allah, then you cannot have any faith. It is impossible.

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