1989-1992 : Sandhaya project: Cultural fix or Sandhaya


documentary ‘Man Vs. Man‘ on Culture Unplugged, which I believe might interest you.

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Film Info:
Director:  Shashi Anand  |  Producer: Film and Television Institute of India
Genre: Documentary  |  Produced In: 1981  |  Country: India
Synopsis: Man-pulled rickshaw, which have served Kolkata for over eight decades face virtual extinction as a result of legislation introduced by the State Government in 1981. This would rob over 100,000 people of a living. The film analyzes the critical situation, and on the basis of concrete facts and figures, questions whether such a step would be fruitful at all. The image of a man pulling a man is a depressing and a negative one – but not more  negative than that of the image of a man going without food.

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Claude alvarez http://www.cultureunplugged.com/embed.php?m=521


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