St George and Al Khidr – 23 April

St George and Al kidhr – 23 April

Note on Al khidr: His original name seems to have been al-Khadir (“the green one”), which over time in many places became al-Khidr or Khidr or Hizr. In the modern Middle East the spelling is Khodor is often used as a person’s name. We shall use the shortened form, Khidr.

At first sight there seems to be little connection between Elijah, George and Khidr, apart from the fact that in the Middle East they are frequently associated with the same place by different religious traditions. Is it then a simple case of overlapping traditions, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, all of whom focus on the Holy Land as part of their own heritage and take Abraham as their forefather?

Certainly there is a view which suggests that Khidr is to Muslims what Elijah is to Jews, in respect of them both acting as initiator to the true believer, and which in itself is testimony to attempts to find common ground between the three traditions.

The sacred sites associated with Elijah, George and Khidr over centuries seem to have accumulated worship in various forms, so that one sits quite literally on top of or next to another. The sites often exhibit similar attributes: for instance, the presence of water and greenness, suggesting fertility in a barren land; or perhaps a cave, which represents a meeting-place of two worlds, the manifest and the hidden (and on occasion both elements are present, as at Banyas).

Then there is the ancient theme of the spiritual side of man being dominant over the material, as suggested in the stories by the holy rider on a chariot or horse (or in the case of Khidr, a fish).

This is a clear picture of the divinised human, who comes to deliver mankind:

Elijah is zealous for God and the destroyer of false prophets,

while St George is the conqueror of animality in the form of the dragon;

Khidr’s role is rather less vividly martial – he brings real self-knowledge, delivering the individual from the false and base nature of the soul.

In all three cases one can remark the polarity of the monotheist or true believer and the pagan or ignorant: Elijah and the prophets of Baal, St George and the emperor Diocletian, for example and perhaps most strikingly in this respect, Khidr who points out the interior meaning of this opposition and is thus the educator of Moses.

However, we should note significant differences in their status, which in part reflect the religious context in which they appear: Elijah is a prophet, in a long line of prophecy; St George is a saint, martyred for his faith in the tradition of Christianity; Khidr, however, is almost a nobody – he is neither saint nor prophet, but an ordinary person graced with immortality and initiatic significance. While the first two are usually portrayed as mounted, Khidr has his feet upon the ground (or just above it in some stories) or walks on water; as we shall see, he has a most particular role to play in mystical teaching. Read more here

  • Saint George (Khidr) Slays the Dragon and Becomes a Saint

Sultan al Awliya  Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani 2 September 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

In the holiest month, Ramadan. Blessed month. And through this blessed month I am trying to reach something from spirituality. Through spirituality I am asking to reach the level of holy ones, that holy ones they are blessed ones. Blessed ones and O people! If you are not going to reach blessings from heavens through your whole life, what is the benefit of your existence here?

What does it mean? It means nothing nothing! Why? Why you are not asking “Am I in existence to be nothing? To be like a dust?” It is big blame, O people! if I am not asking that question, “For what I am in existence? What is the main aim of my being in existence? For what I have been granted eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet and a perfect figure? Yes, man just created on a perfect figure. No any other created as a man. The creation of man it is perfect.

But if you are not thinking Who granted to you who is figure, designer, for you, for what granted that to you , you must think on it. Designer of man on same womb, designing some babies as a man. Designing some babies as a baby girl or baby boy. As He likes. You are not putting your will there to say “I must be figure of man.” Or “I must be figure of lady.” Or no one can say, “I must be red color or white color or ? color or green color.

“O Shaykh we are never hearing of green color man!”

“Yes, we  must be. You are not looking east and west. Say to top people that you must do and you must look and find green men also.

Yes there is green men, it is true. there is green man. Only one, but he is not also, his face green, but that is then Christians saying St. George, but we are saying Khidr (as) . Green man, chevalier St. George. Always in his hand he is killing a dragon. Very good. It is very very and a  important symbol that they are making a figure on a horse through his hand a spear and killing a dragon. So many people they are taking only looking to that figure, but really that figure asking to teach people.

O people! That one who is a famous personality through creation, through his hand with a spear killing a giant gigantic dragon.

O people! Look what does it mean? It means that St. George going to be a saint because he killed that dragon that it is  representing our egos. Killing and going to bury the same. O people! ! Enough to carry your feelings that belongs all of them to your dragon. Leave that feelings and kill that one then everyone going to be a St. George, a blessed one in the Divine Presence. And that Green Man is only one. And asking to teach people “O people! Til your most terrible enemy, the dragon is killed…but you are not taking any care of it.

As everyone knows that every prophet they were sitting on earth, not on thrones. There are some exceptions, doesn’t matter, but mostly whole prophets sitting on earth with poor people, weak people, native people, and aseer, (slaves) slave people. They were sitting with those people and that not taking honor from them but giving honor because they are trying to give something to our Lord’s creatures. They tried to make people best ones, not the worst ones. Who is working for their egoes and no other aim for them is except their dragons? Therefore don’t try to be “First Lady”or “Number One” in America, in Turkey, in England, in Russia.

Who is first one? Who is best one? Don’t think that every first one going to be best one. Everybody thinking first one. First one they claim but it is not important. Important is that one who is claiming to be best one. Are you best one? Give answer to me. To be “First One” if making you best one, bravo. If not then it is a very dangerous situation to be “First Lady”or “Number One” through nations. No. Only if you are asking our honor in Divinely Presence. Yes, you may claim, “I am first one on earth” but on heavens do you think your name written under tables of best ones? Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Holy Quran what there are saying? What are they teaching people? Teaching them to be best ones or worst ones? Say! Popes say! Archbishops say! Patriarchs say! Presidents say! Philosophers say! Hindus say! Buddhists you may say! The Lord of heavens asking from you to be first ones or best ones? That is the main source of troubles on earth.

Look also to St george day- 23 April

Mawlana said that we have entered the time of Sayyidina Al-Mahdi (as) and the the command for Muslims now is to distinguish themselves from non-Muslims to be under Divine protection and “The Green – Yeşil” is the door.


Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 30th of September, 2012.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

To the people of this time: Which is the most beautiful color? It is green. Who wears a green cap, a green dress; who paints their houses green; who keeps a green flag on their cars- these ones are seen from above & are under protection. There is no protection for any other color, only for green.

Let everybody hang green flags on the endpiece of their cars. Green… If they like they can put on it the old flag of Egypt, it is green. Turks also have green. They also can put Turkish flag. They should put green flag. If the sky came down to earth, it wouldn’t touch them.

Who uses green dress, green cap, nothing comes on him. Who pays attention to wearing green dress, at least whatever dress he/she puts on should be green. Green is the heavenly protection. It is heavenly protection. They should pay attention to green. May Allah forgive us. Fatiha.

Green is the most beautiful of the colors. It is the color of life, it has descended from Heavens. Therefore they should pay attention to this. Fatiha.

No harm touches the one who loves green in dunya & in akhirah. This is the new instruction from Heavens: Green, it is the color of life. It is the color the angels love. Sundus, sundus al- akhdar (fine green silk). It is green, it is the most beautiful color of the paradises. Sundus, therefore they should wear it. The scarf on their head, green silk. They can put embroidery or needlework on it, whatever they want to do. Basically they should put green cap. They don’t suffer from headache. These ones don’t suffer from headache. There is a special angel that protects them. If all that the sky carries of punishment came down to earth, it won’t touch them.

Like this, vest also should be green. If they circulate this green color, the heaviness in the world will be lifted. Let them be careful about this. They should love the green color. It has the love of the habitants of paradise in it- sundus al-akhdar/green silk. Is it not? O Allah, You know. There are things to come on those who don’t love it. There is special angel to protect those who wear green. There is an angel who descends from Heavens. Let them pay attention to this. Women and men, all. At least they should put green rosette (pin) on their chest. It protects them.

Ladies should prefer dark colors. Dark colors should be preferred, should be the choice of the ladies. Therefore I don’t like light colors, I don’t like at all. May Allah forgive us. Fatiha.

If they are to paint the outside of their houses, they should prefer green. They should choose for dresses the green ones. They should prefer green color in the furniture they use. It brings them good luck. Green color brings good luck. Other colors are unlucky except the green color, it is the color of life. They should wear it, use it. These people become lucky. The people of this time should pay attention to this also. They don’t say “O my head, O my teeth.” Who covers his/her head with a green cover will not suffer from headache.

The latest fashion of Islam in the end of times is this, our fashion is this. Everything other than this and something will befall them. They should at least put something green around their necks. They should at least put green turban/ cotton cover on their heads. Let their cars be green. I will make green ghalib/victorious. Green prevents punishment. It turns away calamity. It turns away accidents and calamities. This is also a new instruction. Be careful about this. Fatiha.

Men should wear green rosette on their chests. Ladies should wear green colored stones, jewelry. If green prevails in the world all troubles will go away & finish. O Lord, may You forgive us. May You send us Your servants who will teach us. There is divine protection in the color green.

The cars also, they have something for flags. They should put a green colored flag on it- with 3 crescents, or with 3 stars, or with 1 crescent & 3 stars. It should be green. No accident or calamity comes on them. May Allah forgive us.

Green brings majesty, angels love it. The color of fire- the people of this time have a tendency for red. Their fashion is red. It is fire, it burns them. Green gives comfort, gives beauty, gives peace, gives barakah. Be careful about this. O the ladies of this time, adorn yourselves with green. Fatiha.

The greenery. Use the greenery that grows in nature, the greenery that grows in nature by the power of Allah Almighty. Eat them, grow them & have no fear. Meat makes you wild. Vegetables & greens make you friendly & soft. It makes you kind & ladylike, or it makes you a gentleman. Or else you become a wild animal. Allah… May Allah forgive us.


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