Urs Maulana Sheikh Nazim – 8th of Rajab – Uk tour 2023 – daily follow up

Those who claim to have a big brain are wondering if there’s life or other people like us in another place. Believers know that He ﷻ is The Creator and is still creating. Without His ﷻ permission, creatures cannot reach each other.


In addition to the Fitnah of Salafi and Wahhabi, they are now making Fitnah to divide Tariqah people. Mawlana Sheikh Nazim never liked people interfering with the subject of the Sahabah. We are saying: Do not argue in this subject. They are destroying the pillar of Islam which is Iman. Iman is kept by Tariqah.

On the Day of Resurrection, the earth will be flat and people will wait to go to their real abode: Jannah or Jahannam. Some won’t wait too much and some will wait for a million years. Give value only for Akhirah because we are here like passengers.

The believer must follow the best thing from what he hears. Who claims to be on Prophet’s ﷺ way and harms people: we don’t accept this, but Allah ﷻ judges him. Our door is open for everyone, but we are not following anyone! By talking about Sayyidina ‘Isa and his nation, Mawlana tells the difference between the Iman of our Prophet’s ﷺ nation and those before him ﷺ. Read here transcript: Our Door is open.

Allah ﷻ orders us to eat good things and gave us instructions for our body and soul’s benefit. Follow them and nothing happens to you. The stomach is the house of illness. Islam orders good things one of which is fasting:

Allah ﷻ says everything that shaytan does is weak. When the time comes, all of his doings will collapse and the Haqq will appear in the whole world. This is Allah’s ﷻ promise.

Everybody can easily do what Allah ﷻ orders, but people aren’t. For people of Akhiru z-Zaman, doing one percent of what he ﷺ says is enough. Our Prophet ﷺ explains what is acceptable and not in prayer. This is a difficult time but also a blessed one for believers. So don’t make too much Waswas.

It is Allah’s ﷻ order to make all our intention for Him ﷻ. Why are we in Dunya? Wherever you are on this earth, keep Allah’s ﷻ order and you’ll win here and hereafter. The most important thing is to taste the sweet taste of worship. Respect and keep this one hour of Ju’mah prayer.

In Islam, there is neither harming nor reciprocating harm. Allah ﷻ is the Most Merciful, He ﷻ forgives whatever you do from sins. But for people, harming them isn’t forgiven unless this person forgives you. So think before you act.

It is Allah’s ﷻ order to gather consistently to gain happiness. Be a clean believer and remove harm from the way which our Prophet ﷺ says is also a Sadaqah.