Sufi Comics – Comics for the Soul

Sufi Comics is a web comic by brothers Mohammed Ali Vakil & Mohammed Arif Vakil that began in the year 2009.  These comics are short stories taken from Islamic history & tradition to illustrate the eternal spiritual truths in the teachings of Islam.  The first 40 comics have been published in the form of a book “40 Sufi comics“.

Sufi Comics aim is to simplifies spiritual wisdom from Islamic traditions.

They contain nuggets of wisdom that will help you to:

  • Nurture your Soul through short stories
  • Find inner peace despite life’s challenges
  • Become more happy & content using practical advice

Sufi Comics makes learning of spiritual wisdom easy, fun & practical.

So that you can apply to your life, and share the wisdom with your friends & family. look here

Sufi comics is translated in 14 languages!

Here in French

Here in German

Here in Dutch