Update on the floodings

Status of the information: 03.08.2021

Donations of materials

We are NO longer in need of food, clothing and towels.

What we need:

  • Building dryers
  • Large electric fan heaters for drying work
  • Washing machines
  • Sturdy shelves for storage (metal)
  • Rain jackets
  • Headlamps / flashlights
  • Camping lights (batteries)


Emergently needed: An electrician
The electrical system in the lower level of the hostel has limited functionality. To ensure safe working, we need an electrician who can remove all the wiring and fuse boxes here.

Furthermore, we currently need helpers for the following work:


The damage is in the 5-digit range. For financial support please transfer here or call Ahmad Adamek (+49 151 504897298).