Renovating the European Sufi-Center

We need your help urgently! Renovating the European Sufi-Center Osmanische Herberge. Electrical system and building renovation

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim!
As-salamu alaykum our respected brothers, sisters, friends and whoever else it may concern,

The local government building authority has forced us to undertake a number of building measures in our centre Osmanische Herberge. Moreover, because of high heating costs, renovation is required in heating structure as well as in acoustics.

Our intention is to undertake the following building measures as soon as possible For more info look here

Wintercamp 2019/20

Invitation to the Wintercamp 2019/20

Sheikh Hassan and the Osmanische Herberge are happy to invite all brothers and sisters to our summercamp in the week from 27. December 2019 to 3. January 2020. We’re looking forward to see you!

Registration by E-Mail required:

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