Qurban 1440

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

Asalaam aleikum

QURBAN 2019 Eid al Adha Please donate till Friday 9th August !

If you want to donate a sheep, please transfer the money before monday, 9th august 2019.

Please leave EMPTY the Keyword/reference

One sheep will cost 250€.

One Cow will cost  2750€.

don’t forget new bank account:

Karawane der Liebe e.V./ Osmanische Herberge

Please leave EMPTY the Keyword/reference

IBAN DE61 3004 0000 0821 8422 00


Commerzbank AG


Qurbani 2019/1440 ivm Eid al-Adha/ Offerfeest voor Ivoorkust

Qurbani  2019/1440  ivm Eid al-Adha/ Offerfeest voor Ivoorkust

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

Asalaam aleikum Beste Broeders en Zusters

Dit jaar is het weer  mogelijk om Qurbani te doen voor offerfeest voor Ivoorkust

Van  21 juli 2019 tot  7 augustus 2019

Aboubakar Savane  coordinator Ivory coast ( Abidjan)

Qurbani : -The aim of sacrifice is to imbibe piety and self righteousness. It also promotes the spirit of sacrifice for a right cause. To explain its purpose, God says in the Quran. “It is not their meat, nor their blood, that reaches God, It is their piety that reaches God”: (22:37).


– kost geit  Qurbani : 130,-  euro

– Kost Ram Qurbani : 160,-  euro

-Kost Os/rund: 840,- euro ( 7x 120)

 alle donaties zijn ook welkom om te helpen ontwikkelen de nieuwe  Dergah in Abidjan

Overmaken aan :

Jean Lequeux Amsterdam

Bank: SNS

IBAN: NL33SNSB0939334178

Vermelden alleen: Qurbani IvoorKust

Voor Qurbani stuur ook een   email  met de Qurban  dat  u  wilt voor de offerfeest(geit, ram of os/rund) en  de naam/stad/land  naar  yahya7337@hotmail.com

Info: email : yahya7337@hotmail.com   Koordinator : Yahya Lequeux- Amsterdam

Maulana Sheikh Nazim Damascus Tapes 1981

Maulana Sheikh Nazim Damascus Tapes 1981:

 During his Stay in Damascus in 1981, Sheikh Hassan and some Murids of Europe listened to the Lectures/Sohbets of Maulana. This was recorded on cassettes/tapes and Hajja Karima kept them a long time at home listening to the wisdom of Maulana….

The cassetes/tapes were changed to mp3 and now on video’s …. more than 15 hours of Sohbets

May Allah Bless Maulana, Sheikh Hassan and Hajja Karima more and more

Look Here https://sufipathoflove.com/maulana-sheikh-nazim-damascus-tapes-1981/