The Animals Lawsuit Against Humanity

The Animals Lawsuit Against Humanity:

It reminds us of the basic truth that the most crucial problems of today are those which all authentic religious people face together…

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The Wisdom of Animals:

The inherent goodness of all of creation and the human duty to respect the rights (huq¬q) of all creatures – not simply the rights of God and the rights of our fellow beings.

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Creatures of the Quran

Animals are considered as gifts to humanity, praised for their beauty and help, so Islam has set kindness and mercy towards them as one of its founding bricks of values. read more…

Eid-ul-Adha – the Festival of Sacrifice

However, in Abraham and Isma’il’s willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice — Abraham of his son, Isma’il of his own life — they are able to transcend notions of self and false attachment to the material realm, thus removing a veil between themselves and Allah, enabling Allah’s mercy to descend upon them as the Spirit of Truth and illuminate them with divine wisdom. read more…