Wintercamp and European Naqshbandi Dhikr

Wintercamp 2017 with Sheikh Hassan 27/12/2017 to 2/1/2018

Naqshbandi Week and Big European Naqshbandi Dhikr in the Osmanische Herberge Kall
Assalam alaykum,

Sheikh Hassan and the Osmanische Herberge are happy to invite all brothers and sisters to our 5th Wintercamp from 27th of December 2017 until 2nd of January 2018, and to the Big European Naqshbandi Dhikr on New Year’s Eve. We’re looking forward to see you!


  • Lectures with Sheikh Hassan Dyck
    Daily lectures from Sheikh Hassan’s precious notebooks, written nearly 40 years ago in the Sohbat of Grandsheikh Nazim.
  • Quran-School
    The ever-popular Quran recitation classes for all levels (in groups) with Ustad Ali Keeler. Please bring along your Quran, notebooks and textbooks for the arabic alphabet.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Training with multi-award-winning sportsman Yunus Aways (European Champion CBJJE 2015, Belgian Champion 2016,2017, Mittel Rhein Meister 2016). Please bring suitable clothing (sweatpants and long-sleeved top or judo suite).
  • Clown-Workshop
    Practival seminar with Dr. Omar Obst. Please register in advance!
  • Modern psychologie
    An introduction with psychotherapist Abdul Hamid Staepke.
  • Traditional archery
    Basics of thumb-pull-technique by means of 7-steps-method with Ibrahim & Manni Monschau. We’ll be shooting outdoors, weather permitting, so please bring sturdy footwear, and – if available – bow and arrow.
  • Singing / Music
    Sister Radia will offer vocal lessons. Further she will be giving a concert with Hey Hussein Hey on friday night. Also we’re looking forward for the odd nightly Jam-Session with violin virtuoso Ali Keller and other talented musicians.
  • Kids programme
    The kids programme with Radia promises entertainment for the little ones. We’re planning an excursion to AKTIVI Kids Playworld (tickets 6€ per kid, 3€ per adult). Website Aktivi Abenteuerland Kall

Big European Naqshbandi Dhikr

The biggest Naqshbandi meeting of europe at new year’s eve marks the highlight of the Wintercamp, and for many also of the whole year. Everyone is invited for common dinner, Big Dhikr, Sohbat and Hadrah with Sheikh Hassan.

Accomodation and prices

  • Prices
    Charitable fee per person 30€ (for the whole week), kids aged 6-16 Jahren 10€, free for kids below 6 years. For some of the activites we will charge an additional fee.
  • Meals
    We serve two daily meals on donation basis. There will be brunch between 9 and 10 a.m. in the restaurant and dinner at 7 p.m.
  • Accomodation
    For families with kids we recommend to book lodging nearby. More info on places to stay near the Herberge can be found in our link section.
    All participants intending to sleep in the Derga should bring their own bedding, sleeping bags, camping mats and towels. The sleeping area must be clean by 9 a.m. We would advice everyone to bring warm and rainproof clothing, and a hot water bottle for those looking for some extra comfort. .
  • Directions
    For information on travel please refer to our contact section.
  • Prayers
    The five daily prayers will be held in congregation in the small mosque. Sheikh Hassan will give sohbat after Salat al-Isha at 8:30 p.m. inshallah.

We like to adress some important issues on community life:

  1. Every attendant should participate in daily clean-up work.
  2. Parents are responsible for supervision of their kids at any times and have to compensate for possible damage! Please accompany your kids to toilet to avoid iconveniences for others!
  3. The derga kitchen will be opened for certain hours for preparation of food and drinks. Please clean up afterwards! Bring along your food stuff, there’s no mini market in the village (half hour to nearest shopping mall by feet). Kitchen will be locked by 11 p.m.


For further information on registration (latest by 20th of December 2017) please write us a mail with full name, number of family members (and age of kids), preferred accomodation (in the derga or outside) and date of arrival at:

All information on the camp you may also find at our website: