Look Up

The level of ‘civilized’ man is lower than a rock. And, who may teach him? The Pole, the Grandmaster. He connects the heavens to earth and can instruct man in knowing his self. This knowledge needs the key of Bismillah ar–Rahman ar-Rahim. When the Lord first created the Preserved Tablet, He also created the Pen and ordered it to write, Bismillah ar–Rahman ar-Rahim, never-endingly. The Salafi ulama are questioned about this. Do they have knowledge of: Nun. By the Pen and what (the angels) write? But living beings are like cattle, interested only in chewing grass. They never glance up towards the heavens so that they may reach a lightened world.26/01/2010 Geüpload op 6 jan. 2012

– Very Precious Ottoman Mawlid Recitation from Mevlana Sheikh Nazim !‏

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